NZSP Division 2 (Waikato)

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A report on Peter Hughes's trip to Australia as part of the 2000 Kiwanis Australia - New Zealand Youth Exchange.

Peter's Trip Report

Text by Peter Hughes.

Day 1   24/9/2000
Get up early to say hooray to Mum and get picked up by Mr. Kyle at approximately 3:30 am. Take off to Auckland to catch plane. Take off at 7:30 am and get to Melbourne at 11:30 New Zealand time. Meet first hosts, Brian and Dorothy Morrison. Very nice people. Go up to top of Mt. Dandenong for the view and ride on train. After tea, went to bed after a very long day.

Day 2   25/9/2000
Raining. We were going to an animal sanctuary, but instead we went to a humongous mall. 487 shops? We nearly got lost trying to get out but found a way.

Day 2   26/9/2000
Raining again. But with another one of Brian's brilliant ideas, we went indoor go-karting. Learnt how to use chopsticks today.

Day 4   27/9/2000
Beautiful day for a change so we packed a lunch and went to Healesville (animal sanctuary). Took 65 photos! Met Stacey (last year's exchange student from Australia), very hard case. That night we went to a Kiwanis meeting.

Day 5   28/9/2000
Changeover day. Packed up all my gear and went to meet Mike and Kerry Turner. In the afternoon we went to the Shrine and also for a cruise on the Yarra River Ferry - very relaxing.

Day 6   29/9/2000
Today we went to the Melbourne Aquarium which has just opened. Very interesting. Went on the Motion Master - not too bad.

Day 7   30/9/2000
Went to old Melbourne gaol. Full of history. In the afternoon I went for a ride in Noel's (Mike's brother) V8 MG. Very powerful.

Day 8   1/10/2000
Changeover day. Packed up gear and headed for Safety Beach. Met George and Phyllis Cecil. Very kind people! Sit back and relax to watch Olympic closing ceremony.

Day 9   2/10/2000
Headed for Sorrento and caught the ferry over to Queenscliff on the other side of Port Phillip Bay. Did a little bit of sightseeing and went to a café and had lunch. Went back to Safety Beach after lunch. Very tired.

Day 10   3/10/2000
We got up Early and headed for Sale, a little town about 220 km southwest of Melbourne. Took a few photos of Alpacas and then had tea and came home.

Day 11   4/10/2000
Changeover day. Bye George and Phyllis Cecil. We headed into Melbourne again with my now bulging suitcase! Met Alan and Ivy Wren. Very funny people. Nearly fell over when I saw that they had 34 computers downstairs. Did some more shopping in Doncaster and then headed back home.

Day 12   5/10/2000
Went to the Kevin Heinz Garden Centre for the day. It is a big place built by Kiwanis Doncaster for disabled people to come and do their crafts and gardening. Very good idea.

Day 13   6/10/2000
Met Ted and Annette Bass, more Kiwanis members, and we went to the Melbourne Zoo. It is too big to see all of the place in one day, but we saw what we wanted to see. Took 120 photos!

Day 14   7/10/2000
This was one of the best days of the trip. We went to the Rialto Tower and then to the Melbourne Cricket Ground. Very tiring day. Too many details to write about!

Day 15   8/10/2000
Time to go home. Had a bit of trouble packing my suitcase. Too much stuff. Managed to fit it all in and then headed for the airport. Got on the plane and said goodbye to Melbourne.
 Glad to be home again.